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Founded in 2006. It is the destination for the customer who seeks the quality of the products (Projects or private Villas). Sindbad supplies daily many projects inside Oman with a high quality products and in a very reasonable and competitive prices. With the experience gained from working in the construction field, many new building concepts are being applied in Sindbad successive products, e.g. built-in wardrobes, steel doors, interior doors, UPVC windows and UPVC doors. Sindbad continuously introduces advanced technology and equipment at home. Sindbad has a joint venture cooperation with a very strong and known brands which adopt international advanced manufacture technology and are processed under strict quality control system. All Sindbad suppliers have a good amount of experience to provide you with their best quality in product and services. During the last period, Sindbad has gained remarkable achievements. Simple, beautiful and practical is our basic requirements for a product, your standard is our standard, Simple, beautiful and practical is our basic requirements for a product, your standard is our standard.

WHAT Sindbad DOES ?

With around 25 employees Sindbad Factory for kitchens and Furniture belongs to Sindbad group and equipped with the advance equipment to produce the high quality products. Sindbad always seeks the latest modern products. It offers to the customers many varieties of different kind of products. Beside our own products, Sindbad also have a strong connection with many strong international companies which are working in the same field like Oppein, Stormer, My Win, My Window, Gulf Stone and Ariston.


Sindbad vision is to be the best destination for the project managers. It helps them a lot by providing them the suitable solutions with the best prices. Sindbad team are very careful to select a very high quality material and utilize them with intelligent, beautiful and functional designs that improve the look and feel of your project or home.

Sindbad currently has two branches. The main branch is located at Maabila (Muscat) and another branch with its workshop are located at Ibri (Al-Dahira region). The factory is located at Sumail industrial area. Another showroom is planned to be opened at Sumail in one year time.

WHY Sindbad ?

Sindbad has professional employees have gained their experience by working in this field for long time.
Guarantee the quality and the prices as well.
Linked with high quality rated brands.


Home Furniture
Interior Doors
Steel Doors
All kitchen types Solid wood, Acrylic, Lacquer, PVC, Hi glossy, Melamine, Aluminum, Stainless steel
UPVC windows and doors
Kitchens Tiles
Built-in appliances

Beside the products Sindbad also provide a designing and consultancy services for the customers.


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Our Locations (Maabila Brach) phase 7, Street 7300 industrial area, Complex 373, Building number 350 (Ibri Brach) Almartafa, Near Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Aliraqi Road.

Phone (+968) 2426 0259 - (+968) 9623 9126 - (Maabila Brach) (+968) 9932 7128 - (Ibri Brach)