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  • Scratch proof, moisture proof, good screw holding capacity and load bearing capacity
L-Shaped layout makes efficient use of space, looks neat and can be very sociable.
● Carcase: Plywood 
Plywood is pressed and glued together with several thin adjacent layers of veneer or plies.
● Door Material: Acrylic
Scratch and abrasion resistance; Waterproof.
● Countertop: Quartz Stone
High Hardness, long service life, directly contact with food.
● Hardware: BLUM 
50 years service life; for 200,000 times opening and closing tests.

 Door Panel Optional Colors:

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———-DINING AREA ——————————————————————————————————————————————–
A small table might do the trick if you have no room for a dining area. Here, the slim table provides counter space and acts as a breakfast bar.